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        Stock Code:002815
        The products of Jinzhou plant are mainly used in industrial control, communication, automotive , medical .etc.

        Founded in 2008 in Jinzhou, Dalian, Dalian Suntak Circuit Co., Ltd. (Jinzhou Plant) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntak Technology Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in producing electronic circuits.
        The Phase I plant area of Jinzhou Plant is 42,000㎡, and the monthly productivity can reach 120,000㎡, while the Phase II investment is RMB 600 million, and the plant area is 78,000㎡. After Phase II is put into production, the productivity can reach 3.8 million ㎡/year, and the output can reach RMB 3.1 billion. The products have been applied in industrial control, communication, automotive, medical treatment and other electronic information fields.

        • 120,000㎡

        • 1000+

        • Industrial control, Communications, Automotive, Medical

        • 120,000 ㎡

        • Communication 5G antenna

          Craft show

          Layers 2L
          Board thickness 0.9mm
          Material PTFE
          Line width / space 0.4/0.4mm
          Minimum aperture 0.5mm
          Surface treatment Sink gold
        • Vehicle Air Purifier System

          Craft show

          Layers 4L
          Board thickness 1.6mm
          Material EM-285
          Line width / space 0.185/0.19mm
          Minimum aperture 0.4mm
          Surface treatment Sink gold
        • Security video system

          Craft show

          Layers 8L
          Board thickness 1.6mm
          Material S1000H
          Line width / space 0.1/0.1mm
          Minimum aperture 0.2mm
          Surface treatment Sink gold
      1. Fineline Special Contribution Award

      2. Excellent supplier

      3. Palpilot excellent supplier

      4. NCAB Excellent supplier

      5. Kitron 10 Years Collaborative Contribution Award

      6. High Tech Enterprise

      7. AEO Certificate

      8. Enterprise Technology Center in Liaoning

      9. Gazelle enterprise

      10. Abide by the contract and credit enterprises

      11. Become a world-leading manufacturer of Circuit board

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