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        Stock Code:002815

        With the development of big data, cloud computing and 5G communication, there is a huge potential in the server/storage industry. The servers are featured with high-speed CPU computing ability, long-term reliable operation, strong I/O external data handling ability and better extensibility. Suntak Technology is committed to providing high-speed boards and high multi-layer boards with the high reliability, high stability and high fault tolerance ability required for the server quality.
        Shenzhen Plant is engaged in the R&D, production and sales of high multi-layer electronic circuits, and the products are mainly applied in communication, servers, medical treatment, aviation and other high-tech fields.

        • Server mainboard

          Craft show

          Layers 16L
          Board thickness 2.36±0.22mm
          Material IT968G
          Aspect ratio 11.5:1
          Impedance 32 groups
          Back drilling 6 groups
          Hole-to-line 0.175mm
        • AI server

          Craft show

          Layers 28L
          Board thickness 2.75±0.25mm
          Material PANASONIC R5785GN
          Aspect ratio 9.7: 1
          Impedance 63 groups
          Back drilling 13 groups
          Hole-to-line 0.18mm
        • Server mainboard

          Craft show

          Layers 10L
          Board thickness 1.53±0.15mm
          Material IT170GRA1
          Impedance 15
          Aspect ratio 6.1:1
          Hole-to-line 0.175mm
        • We use raw materials from world famous brands, have established incoming material inspection regulations that comply with international and customer standards, constantly trace and promote supplier quality improvement activities, and build and maintain strong cooperation with suppliers.

        • Quality products are made, not tested. We have standardized production process and detailed operation instructions for each process of the production line to ensure that the operation specifications and operation standards are correctly implemented.

        • We strictly check and control the shipment quality according to the international standards and customer standards, timely follow up the product quality performance after shipment, and take quick and effective improvement actions on the customer

        • Responsible for managing the supplier and incoming materials

        • Responsible for promoting all systems of the company as well as the maintenance and the import of new customers

        • Responsible for the first article inspection of the process, the patrol inspection, and taking the lead in improving process abnormality and managing defective products

        • Responsible for monitoring the solution in the production line and the reliability of products

        • Responsible for the inspection before delivery

        • Responsible for after-sales service

        Shenzhen Suntak products are mainly high layer, used in communication, server, medical, aviation/aerospace and other fields


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